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**A Christian's Song    **Aint Nobody Wants To Die    **Air Jesus    **Born In Bethlehem    *David & Daniel    **Day By Day

   *Everlasting Blood    **Evil Kingdom    **Get Yourself Saved    **Great White Throne    **His Crown    **It's Jesus

   *John 3:16    *Like A Ship    *Oh Jesus Loves Me    *Our Savior's Blood    **Precious Jesus    **Precious Jesus Take My Hand

   **R.A.D.I.O.    **Ready To Go Home    *Sinner He Knows You and Me    Smoky Mountain Boy

   *Take Him At His Word    *Thank You Jesus    **Thats The Day My Blue World Turned To Gold

   **There's No Friend Like An Old Song    **Thief    ** Who Will Pray For Me Since Mama's Gone   

*Patchquilt Gospel & **Campfire Gospel downloads available at most download sites

John Hager Music ~BMI

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