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We are having a singing contest! You're listening to a version in the key of C

When I Look At You, written by John Hager & published by John Hager Music BMI is a song we want to get out to the world in over 20 LANGUAGES!

Here is your chance to sing in your native tongue and have your version of this lovely song released to a world that could use some loveliness right about now!

For the contest email mtncreeksongs@gmail.com requesting a backing mp3 piano track to sing to - first check Piano Tracks for the key you want; then cut & paste the official lyrics of your Language choice from the LANGUAGES link.

When you submit your initial request to mtncreeksongs@gmail.com include your full legal name, current address, age (no age limit) and BEST photo and tell us what language you will sing in & refer to what # it is on our list.  

Then by submitting your entry ( your finished track) you are agreeing to let our label release your version of our song to the internet if you win. If you're under 18 years of age your parents and/or legal guardian must submit for you to enter.

Features & conditions include: Both male & female winners versions in each of the catagories may be instrumentally embellished and released to the internet (itunes, spotify etc) thru cdbaby & or afrotunes on our label & all winning entries will be featured on our site. Winners will be notified to the email address they submitted their submission with constituting their consent and agreement with the terms of the contest stated herein.

If you submit a version and DONT WIN or record one but dont submit it you can not sell it or copies of it. You can not sell our copyrighted piano soundtrack with or without your vocal or otherwise profit monitarily or allow others to profit without a special contract with us. Once you enter your version in the contest you are agreeing to the terms of the contest. Just use our piano track which we allow you to use for the purpose of this contest only, sing over it and submit it - if we love it ♥ that's all you need to win.

Submissions & Questions to mtncreeksongs@gmail.com

(John Hager)

C Fm aug C Em c7 Am7 Fm aug C Fm Bb
In a world where people feel things go wrong because they will

Eb Dm G Cm Eb G Cm Eb Abmaj7 G7 C
I'll get by as long as I can see the miracle I do - when I look at you

Am7 Fmaj7 Fm G7 C Fm Bb Eb Db Eb Gmaj7 Abm Eb G Dm G7
and would they be surprised if they could see you thru my eyes

C Fm aug C Em C7 Am7 Fm aug C Fm Bb
In a time when people fly around the moon across the sky

Eb Dm G Cm (cm bass note run) gmaj7 G Cm Eb Abmaj7 G7 C Fm Bb
I just sigh because I know it's true I have the grandest view - when I look at you

Eb F Dm Eb
people need so much to know love is really real you know

Eb Dm Eb G Dm G7
and their hopes and dreams can be realized and I realize

C Fm aug C Em C7 Am7 Fm C Fm Bb
In this life of trial and pain where disappointment falls like rain

Eb Dm G Cm Eb Abmaj7 G Cm Eb
I just smile what else can I do a rainbows shining thru

Abmaj7 G C Am7 Fmaj7 Fm C Fm C
when I look at you when I look at you

John Hager Music BMI

contact jrjonj@gmail.com