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original demo (NO) for
(John Hager)

I dont want to start all over play loves stupid game again
I dont need no turtle doving cupids darts or hearts to win
Everytime I held my heart out it come bouncing back again
Bruised and sore a slamming door o'er and o'er a holy war
It's no no not no more It's no no baby no no no no baby no no no

I have rode that heartache special thru the valley filled with tears
Took a town name of trouble down a boulevard of years
Now I know just what my heart is I dont run it thru the gears
Fill my tank give it a yank let er crank even call me hank
It's no spark gonna make it go It's no no baby no no no no baby no no no

I didnt write those silly love songs so dont be blaming that on me
So call me dear blow in my ear cry a tear say you need me near
It's no no do-si-do It's no no baby no no no
It's no bouquet you're gonna throw it's no no baby no no no
No baby no no no no baby I dont think so no baby no no no

John Hager Music BMI